3 Things you need to Buy to Save our Planet

Tis the season to save the planet. That’s what I always say. I know I changed it but in the spirit of things I’d like to talk about 3 little gifts (or things to buy for yourself) that will not only bring joy to you this holiday season they will also be environmentally friendly. Basically these are aimed at reducing your carbon footprint in smart crafty ways. So without further ado here is the top 3 picks:

#1 Food dehydrator. Maybe you’ve heard of these maybe you haven’t. But if you try to perserve food and reduce waste at all costs this isn’t a bad idea right here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to throw away fruits or vegetables because they spoiled. No longer since I got one of these. Basically these dehydrate food and make them last much longer so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling. There are a lot of food dehydrators out there available for purchase online or in stores.

#2 Composter Unit. Compost compost compost. I can’t say it enough. SO MUCH food goes to landfills or other waste areas because people just throw it in the trash. Well get a composter for goodness sake. Get a tumbler for the best results. You can throw waste into the composter and turn it into something useful like healthy soil for your garden or plants. That will in turn save you money because you won’t have to go to a home and garden store to buy soil. PLUS if you have a yard all of these weeds and general garden waste can be thrown into the composter too. All of this organic matter is valuable!DIYSolarPanelSystem

#3 Solar Panels. Okay so this is a big one and it can get pretty costly. Maybe the best thing to do is to get government incentives to get a residential installation for a much reduced cost. Now you can get kits off of sites like Amazon for a few hundred bucks these days and while it will take some learning and time to install them yourself, you will be the proud owner of a sustainable energy system.

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